Winter, Spring and Fall Camps

balloon owlFun fact:  My oak tree leaves change with your camps!

Winter Break Camp-Ages (6-8): All Around the World: Bonjour, Hola, Shalom

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”. We will celebrate diversity through languages, foods and customs. Diversity makes the world a unique and interesting place. We will walk the shoes of different people and learn how others live! London, Tokyo, Montreal or Italy? You decide where you’d like to backpack!

Spring Break Camp-Ages (6-8): Top Chef

This week we will plan to create our very own sundae buffet! We will not only make popsicles, no bake cookies and rice crispies, but we will bake and create nonfood items such as kool aid playdoh and rainbow slime. We will also learn how to plan a nutritious meal by using Myplate and report back to the center how it tasted!

Fall Break Camp-Ages (6-8): Wellness Week

Jump-start your heart!  We will get active through exercise, games, & play!  We will have a yoga Instructor come in and show the kids some yoga positions.  Promoting physical fitness while incorporating fun activities will motivate, teach & encourage.