Getting Ready to be a School Owl! (Kindergarten Readiness)

grad owlOnly with age does wisdom grow!

Everyday from 2:00-2:30, we set time for our Kindergarten Readiness Program which is centered towards children ages 4 and 5 yrs. of age.  During this exciting time, we prepare our Pre-K students with skills that will be helpful to them socially, emotionally and academically as we work together on transitioning them to their new school!

In the Kindergarten Readiness Program, teachers will plan, teach lessons in accordance with Pennsylvania Standards, and aide in student learning. The following skills are goals that the teachers will be setting for the children at the center, and skills that the children will be setting for themselves.  Send your child off to school ready to take on the world!

 Some of the skills include:

  • Cutting
  • Tracing Shapes/ Identifying basic shapes
  • Name and identify numerals up to 10.  Rote count to 20.
  • Identifying alphabet letters (upper case).  Reciting alphabet.
  • Bathroom skills
  • Recognizing basic colors
  • Writing letters/ name
  • Recognize basic coins (penny, nickel, dime)
  • Basic school rules (lining up, raising hand, listening while others talking)
  • Playing well with others( share, take turns, be patient)
  • Communicating feelings with others
  • Tie shoes, Zip, fasten, button clothing
  • Recognize left/right hand
  • Using crayons, pencil, glue, etc.
  • Opening own food at lunch (packaging, containers, straws)
  • Initial Sound Fluency/ Phoneme Segmentation Fluency/ Nonsense Fluency

We are proud to be a member of the kindergarten transition team and proud to say that we work closely with the expectations of the elementary schools around our area.  We want to ensure that we are preparing our children at the center for their screening tests they will encounter upon entrance to kindergarten and throughout their kindergarten career.