“C” is for Curriculum

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Best Day Ever is a VERY EDUCATIONAL Daycare. All Daily Lessons are aligned with PA Academic Standards.

At Best Day Ever! Learning Center,

your child will begin to build a learning foundation that will help them become successful into their future in the following academic areas:

Areas of Curriculum Aligned With PA Academic Standards:


Kindergarten Readiness

Language Arts & Literacy Development: Early Literacy Foundations; Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening 

Creative Thinking & Expression: Communicating Through the Arts


Second Languages!  (French, Italian & More!)


Children’s Literature 


Phonemic/Phonological Awareness

Physical Health & Wellness: LEARNING ABOUT MY BODY

Scientific Thinking & Technology:  Exploring, Inquiry & Discovery

Social skills & development                                              

Potty Training                            

Music & Movement                                                            

Learning Through Play:

Constructing, Organizing & Applying Knowledge

Social Studies Thinking: Connection to Communities


Social & Emotional Development: Learning About Myself & Others

Intellectual, physical, emotional, and social skills



Children will be given a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. Some including-    

   A child’s play is a child’s work.

Learning Centers– These centers are set up by the teachers and changed monthly to fit the focuses for the monthly themes. Learning centers have activities that are guided by written or verbal cues from the teacher. Materials and equipment in each center promote individual and independent play. The children will be presented with problems to solve for creative and cooperative solving. Teachers will monitor and ask questions to assess the students learning. Some of the main centers will include dramatic play, music, science & discovery, math & manipulatives, literacy, sand & water sensory play, technology, and more!

Monthly/Weekly Themes– The monthly themes are designed to promote development skills and enrich the child’s understanding of the world. The themes have educational, social, cultural, and emotional value.

Circle Time– Circle time provides the students with opportunities to interact with each other. During circle time, the students will learn calendar skills, observe and chart weather, sing songs, play games using words, read stories, show and share news, practice good choices, become informed on bullying and learn about the other students. The teacher will prepare students for the day with a review of the letter, number, theme, and color of the week. Teachers will monitor the students for assessment by watching for participation and asking questions. Children will be in a whole group setting, where they can dance, sing, and learn.

Manipulatives – Manipulatives help develop skills such as sorting, counting, comparing, classifying, matching, and shape recognition. Students will learn concepts better with physical interaction with manipulatives.

Sensory Experiences– Children will be given a variety of hands on, concrete, real world experiences that are appropriate for the children’s age and development. Sensory boxes will be set out and changed each month for new discovery to keep your child’s imagination and interest sharp!

Computer/Technology Skills– Children will be introduced and develop computer skills that are appropriate for the child’s age and development level. Computers, Ipads, interactive white boards and more will be available for you child(ren) to experience and begin to become familiar with.

Free Play– Children will be able to express their own interests by choosing where they’d like to play in the center. Depending on the center chosen, children will have a variety of choices that include discovering ideas independently or exploring ideas with playmates.

Kindergarten Readiness– The children will be taught skills in order to be successful in kindergarten. At Best Day Ever! Learning Center We teach your child the “Essentials for Kindergarten Readiness in the Preschool Classroom”. For the non-napping children, who are 3-5 years of age, teachers will help your child learn the essential skills needed for kindergarten success, and the skills that offer your child extra support when entering the kindergarten classroom from 1:30 pm- 3:00 pm.   This time will also be used as tutoring, if you feel that your child needs some extra work with certain skills or if your child needs an extra challenge. In the Kindergarten Readiness Program, teachers will plan and teach lessons in accordance with the Pennsylvania Standards, and aide in student learning.