Our Story!

“Scarlett, Atticus and the Best Day Ever!” 

atticus reg

Preface:  “Best Day Ever! Learning Center” has a powerful meaning behind it and was inspired by a young child.  The name serves as a reminder that the simple experiences we give children have a strong impact on them and their creative imaginations. Spending time with children and teaching them through play will allow for children to have the best day ever everyday!


It’s a sunny day!  It’s time to go out and play.  Scarlett said as she stretched out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast, her absolute favorite meal of the day.  “Mmm.  I smell chscarlettocolate chip pancakes!  Come on, let’s go down stairs Atticus!” Scarlett told her owl friend.

 atticus reg

When the two friends got downstairs the ooey gooey chocmoonolate chip pancakes were stacked to the moon.  “Maple Syrup Please! Please don’t forget Atticus’s plate! Scarlett exclaimed”


Then, Scarlett and Atticus cleaned up.  Scarlett washed the plates while Atticus dried them.   “Let’s dress up as doctors today Atticus”, Scarlett said as she finished cleaning up. “A, B, C, D, E…..” Scarlett sang the entire alphabet, just to make sure she cleaned the plates and her hands long enough.

After dress up time was over, they were then on their way to Aunt Tina’s house.  Scarlett was so excited that she began to sing in the car.  “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray”

atticus patining 2

Scarlett’s aunt had redorangeyellowgreen, bluepurple, indigo and pink paint out with all sized paintbrushes when they arrived.   “I love painting!  I want to use blue first Aunt 
Tina!” Scarlett said excitedly.   Scarlett painted a picture of a pool, her favorite place to go.  Which then gave Atticus a bright idea!  “Let’s go swimming next!” he said. 

When Scarlett, Atticus and Aunt Tina got to the pool, there wpool ringsere many other friends around.  “I love swimming for colorful rings” Scarlett said happily as she tossed 5 blue rings, 2 purple rings and 8 pink rings in the pool.


At lunch Scarlett picked dino nuggets, carrots and apple juice from the menu.  Atticus ate owl food of course!  The 3 friends ate under the sun and talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Scarlett decided that she would be a princess and Atticus would be a teacher one day.


play doughWhen Scarlett and Atticus arrived back to Aunt Tina’s they measured and mixed flour, oil and water to make their very own play dough!  “We can add food coloring to make it purple” said Aunt Tina


polar bearIt was such a fun day for Scarlett and Atticus.  They constructed pipe cleaner people, they made and played drums out of beans and jars, and they built block castles. They even took an adventure with arctic animals and named a polar bear Hector.


Last but not least Scarlett and Atticus used tissue paper to decorate the windows to make it look like a rainbow was shining through.rainbow

Scarlett and Atticus were now on their way home.  They had such a wonderful journey that they both exclaimed, “this was the BEST DAY EVER!”  Then, they began to hum “Mmmm mm mm  sunshine, my only mmmmmm hoot hoot, you make me happy mmm mmm m mmm …zzz….hoot…zz“

And THAT was the BEST.DAY. EVER!


atticus regWhat can be learned from this story, you ask?  A wise owl once said that: 

Just as Scarlett does in our story, children can have the best day ever everyday no matter how small or big their daily plans may be. Scarlett, Atticus and the Best Day Ever sets the stage for children and adults to interact together through learning.  Feel free to share this story with your child(ren) and they can begin to understand that print has meaning by participating through catchy phrases and silly songs.  This story teaches positivity and creativity and educational standardized activities can be found throughout.