Weekly Themes

  • 16
    Oct 2017
    The Pumpkin on the Vine

    The week will revolve around pumpkins and activities to go along with the theme.  Have some fun with pumpkins this Halloween season! This is the perfect time of year to take a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  Turn that pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern!!!

  • 09
    Oct 2017
    Fire Prevention Week

    During National Fire Prevention Week, attention is focused on promoting fire safety and prevention.  However, we should practice fire safety all year long.  We will teach the children that matches, lighters and candles are tools, not toys.   And remember…Stop, Rock, and Roll!

  • 02
    Oct 2017
    Whirling, Twirling Leaves

    Little leaves fall softly down, red and yellow, orange and brown. Whirling, twirling round and round, falling softly to the ground.  This is a beautiful time of year in our area.  Enjoy the splendor of Fall and talk to your children about the different colors and shapes of the leaves whirling around!

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HOOT HOOT HOORAY! It’s the Best Day Ever!

atticus regHi!  My name is Atticus the owl!  Fly with me to find out some wise details about my learning center!


atticus regWhoooo may you speak to for questions?

Phone:  (724) 989-6511

Email:  ksoohey@gmail.com 

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Check out more fun and visit our Facebook pages!

Greensburg Location: https://www.facebook.com/Best-Day-Ever-Learning-Center-764074040279125/

atticus regHere is some quick information to HOOT about!


Are you just fishin’ and want to test the waters? Call to schedule your BEST FREE DAY EVER! 

Dive In for Details:

We Keep Our Schools of Fish Small for One-on-one Attention!

Preschool Groups:  6-10 children per group

Toddler Groups:  1-5 or 6 children per group  

Infant Groups:  1-4 babies per group 

Hours: 6-6  

Sunny Days of Operation: M-F

Ages of Friends: 6 Weeks-School Age

Once you are enrolled, you become an official member of our CUTIE CLUB!   This means that WE PROVIDE your diapers & wipes at no extra cost (ages 6 weeks-2)! 

WE PROVIDE Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack! (ages 1-12).  We plan all of our meals using http://www.choosemyplate.gov/.  

Please Note: We are a peanut and nut free center for safety and allergy concerns.  If your child has an allergy, precautions will be prearranged.

Ask About our SNACK STAR of the day program!  “Toddlers and Preschoolers enforcing fruit and veggie coolness at our school each and every day” ( 8